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This series of Pix show the simple installation steps for building a Navy type seawall or bulkhead using Patented Structural A-PLY® composite tongue and groove sheet pile sleeves.

A-PLY® is a proven outdoor composite formulation that when combined with wood results in a highly structural marine construction material adding up to 50% more strength than a wood wall alone.

Here is a wood Smooth Faced wall that was eaten by worms and borers. This Smooth Faced wall will be replaced by a new A-PLY® Navy wall using replaced piles (shown) and a Smooth Faced return.
A close up view of the new piles and wale that will be used to construct the A-PLY® Navy wall. Also shown is the Smooth Faced wood return that will be replaced with A-PLY®.

An end view showing the new piles and wale for the A-PLY® Navy wall.

An end view showing the A-PLY® sleeved lumber in place and attached to the back of the wale. The area in back of the new Navy wall will be back-filled at the completion of wall installation.

The completed Navy wall with the Smooth Faced return on the right.
This is a unique Navy wall project. Here the existing wall was replaced using the existing piles and tie rods. The piles were leaned forward, a new wale installed and the A-PLY® Navy wall material installed and attached to the back of the wale.

This is the completed project. This Navy wall is on an open bay where the wave action is heavy and strong. There is also “building ice” as you will see in other views.
This is another unique Navy wall project on a large open bay. Here a small marina/basin was constructed.

This A-PLY® project also allowed the property owner to have protection from the heavy wave action caused by the winds and open bay location.
Here is a Navy wall with 10 feet of wall exposure. The deck above is made from a composite-like lumber.

Here is a close-up of the Navy wall showing the tie rods that go back into the land (through the A-PLY® sleeved lumber) and attach to dead men.

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