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This is a series of pictures show the simple installation steps for building a seawall or bulkhead using Patented Structural A-PLY® composite tongue and groove sheet pile sleeves.

A-PLY® is safer, easier and faster to install AND protects the wood in the water! CCA and other treated lumber for marine applications IS NOT protected against worms and borers, only rot and decay in the air environment.

Patented A-PLY® 2”x10” composite sleeves and marine grade lumber ready to cut to length, combine and assemble to form a seawall or bulkhead structure.







Cutting A-PLY® sleeves to length using conventional wood cutting tools. A-PLY® composite sleeves are cut to lengths that are at least 2 feet shorter than the board length but allow at least 2 feet of penetration into the water bottom so the worms and borers cannot get to the wood


Inserting marine lumber into the structural composite A-PLY® sleeves.



Securing the composite A-PLY® sleeve to the marine lumber using common galvanized large flat head nails. The sleeves are nailed at the end closest to the water bottom (end of the board) so sand and debris cannot migrate up under and between the wood and sleeve during the insertion step.


Insertion of the tongue and groove A-PLY® sleeved boards into the water bottom using water jet equipment. This forms a straight smooth faced wall.


Looking down at the top of the wall seeing the water on the left and the land on the right. Most A-PLY® walls do not need tie rods and dead men to secure them upright. A-PLY® walls also eliminate the need for back-fill in many installation locations. This results in a large reduction in labor.

A-PLY® unique design secures square edged treated lumber to each other using a strong positive interlocking patented tongue and groove polymer sleeve. This results in an increase of up to 50% in flexural and other strengths over the already stiff and strong wood timber.


A close-up end view of the A-PLY® sleeved lumber sandwiched between a front cap-board on the left and a wale on the right (land side).



The completed A-PLY® smooth-faced wall showing the front wood cap and IPE wood deck being installed.


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