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In the world of thermoset materials………………

LOW COST composite manufacturing methods have been a topic of great interest during the past two decades. There has been a special focus on optimizing thermoset materials molding methods, mold making materials and processes to yield the most cost effective composite manufacturing method. The pultrusion process still leads the way for cost effective structural thermoset and thermoplastic molding techniques. In fact Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), one of the cost effective molding methods, has been integrated with the pultrusion process to make continuous molding of profiles even easier.

Resin injection methods, like RTM, uses low pressure and sometimes vacuum assist to move resin systems through molds, helps to greatly reduce emissions of reactants and diluents into the workplace atmosphere. Methods like SCRIMP (Seemann Composites Resin Infusion Process) and other variations of resin injection processes are also used in bonding fixture operations, co-curing and co-bonding secondary to primary structures and laminate skins, as found in manufacturing within the auto, bus and truck industries. These low-pressure molding processes also allow for the use of low cost molds and tools made from both non-metallic and metallic materials. The cost is especially low when only one mold half is used and a flexible film or reusable vacuum bag becomes the other mating mold half as found in the molding of boat and yacht hulls and laminate structures.

ACE Inc. & Associates, also innovated and introduced the use of thermoset resin system films and film adhesives for the manufacture of vacuum bagged laminate molds and tools. The resin film would help to replace spray-on or paint on surface coats, gel coats and other surface coatings as the front face of the mold.

“We are more than a consulting service … we are your technical resource”