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Written by John J. Morena

Advanced Composite Mold Making
John J. Morena
Sponsored by the Society of Plastics Engineers

The foundation for all composite, advanced composite, reinforced plastic and other polymer design, forming and manufacturing methods originates with master model, pattern, mold, tool, fixture, jig and accessory knowledge and experience.

One of the worldwide resources available to provide the necessary, up to date information is Advanced Composite Mold Making. This book, written by John J. Morena, has been for more than a decade, the international and domestic, one and only hard covered training book for master model, pattern, mold, tool, fixture, jig, vacuum bagging and composite forming materials, processes and materials. Originally published by Van Nostrand Reinhold Publishing Company and subsequently by Krieger Publishing Company it was sponsored by the Society of Plastics Engineers and available through the Publisher or Author, John J. Morena.

Use this book to design, fabricate and apply the most cost effective master model, pattern and mold making procedures to make your non-metallic parts and bonded structures the highest quality on the market today. Advanced Composite Mold Making provides the most complete and reliable mold and tool processing data available to help you succeed. Data that gives you a competitive knowledge of all the latest changes and answer mold and material design specifications faster, and produce quality parts that will remain trouble free through an extended mold life.

Gives you all the information you need on today’s master model, pattern, mold and tool making materials and processes…

Since the current use of composites in all industry sectors is growing rapidly, only a book with the broadest coverage could supply all the information you need. Advanced Composite Mold Making is that book. This guide’s complete coverage lets you meet your industry’s demand for better molds and tools by giving you a commanding knowledge of today’s most cost effective procedures. You’ll learn essentials of engineering, design, materials, and processes to form or fabricate molds or tools used worldwide.

AND…. that’s just the beginning.

You’ll also learn how to integrate the latest advances in composite, mold and tool making into your operation. With Advanced Composite Mold Making, you’ll find more creative, inventive uses for your products-enabling you to break into new and higher levels of the industry. Only this book offers the comprehensive coverage and instruction you need to realize your full mold and tool making potential today.
Covers new time- and money-saving methods.

Learn how you can save time and money!


Introduction to Advanced Composite Mold-Making Materials and Processes. Strength of Materials and Processes. Strength of Materials and Mold Design. Mold Engineering. Mold Materials. Preparation of Masters. Fabricating Master Mold and Non-metallic Molds and Tools. Fabricating Metallic Molds. Conventional or Permanent Reusable Vacuum Bags. Mold Fittings, Accessories, and Support Tools. Facility Requirements. Inspection and Quality Control and the Future of Composite Mold Making.
431 pages, 6 x 9, 480 illustrations

Advanced Composite World Reference Dictionary
John J. Morena

Terminology, definitions, acronyms, words and meanings are important to understand the specific way materials and processes are applied. For this and other reasons the Author, John J. Morena composed and Krieger Publishing published the Advanced Composites World Reference Dictionary. This hard covered book is also available from the Author or Publisher.

This hard cover reference book is ideal for composite engineers, designers, mold, tool, and structural part makers, fabricators, educators, skilled and new students, managers and others involved in low cost composite materials and processes.

The simple, yet broad presentation includes a separate acronym section as well as illustrations to describe certain terms and definitions.

The book includes many international words, terms and definitions collected from composite specialists, educators and recognized leaders in the international community and other global locations.

Such a book is a “must” for a total composites library!

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