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“We are more than a consulting service … we are your technical resource”

Experience, reputation, service and quality are just some of the reasons and important factors for selecting an individual professional, organization or group to support your needs with composites, polymers or plastics materials and equipment used in multi-industry applications. Cost is the next followed by several less important reasons.

John J. Morena, founder of ACE Inc. & Associates has been a pioneer in multi-industry, non-metallic structural materials and processes applications. He has managed and guided his associates to develop leading edge state of the art, composite and reinforced materials and process for more than 40 years.

Founder John J. Morena

As a result, the services offered by ACE Inc. & Associates are broad and cover many industrial sectors and applications. Here are just a few:

• Technology & Business Development • Construction
• Marketing • Shipbuilding
• Patent & Permit Application Development • Military Composite Programs
• Consulting • NASA Composite Programs
• Expert Witness Programs • Recreational
• Education • Transportation (MAGLEV)
• Technology Transfer & On-site Training • Auto/Bus/Truck
• Materials & Manufacturing Engineering • Aircraft/Aerospace
• Model & Mold Making • High Energy Physics
• Marine • Superconductivity
• Waterfront/Ports • Fusion
• Infrastructure • Advanced Composites
• Recycling • Reinforced Plastics
• Civil Engineering • Medical